Born 1964 in Lammhult, Sweden and have been living since 2000 in a small village

in the countryside. I’ve always had the urge to paint and travel around the world.

San Francisco turned out to be one of my hometowns where I started at Academy of Art Collage. After that there were a lot of stops on the world map with my paint stuff not far away.

The first week in july every year is “The Berg Week”.

A yearly happening around here with lots of activities.

I have a studio that my husband Mike built for me.
Every morning, I long to be out in my studio where I find peace and inspiration

to put on paper, canvas or fabric.


  • SPD, Pattern Design Academy
  • Watercolorclass, Granada Spain
  • Watercolorclass, Gerlesborgskolan
  • Konsthantverk Design, Grimslöv
  • Arttex, Växjö
  • Academy of Art College, San Fransisco
  • Watercolorclass, Toscana
  • Watercolorclass, Hannover
  • Watercolorclass, Nottingham


  • Sävsjöbygdens Konstförening
  • Kulturhuset Blohme', Älmhult
  • Yearly for 29 years on Bergweek
  • Alvesta Konsthall, Folkets Hus
  • Trädgårdsgalleriet, Öhr
  • Designers Saturday, Lammhult
  • Galleri Visac, Trail, Kanada
  • Galleri TMC, Värnamo
  • Ådalsliden, Moheda
  • Kyrkparken, Gustavsberg
  • Qvinnomuseet, Växjö
  • Runda Huset, Gustavsberg
  • The Deta, Whistler
  • Länstyrelsen, Växjö

  • Växjö Konsthall,  seven years with Växjö konstrunda
  • Länsbiblioteket, Växjö
  • Stationshuset, Alvesta
  • Designers Saturday, Värnamo
  • Designers Saturday, Lammhult
  • Whistler Conference Center, Canada


I     N     S     T     A     G     R     A     M